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Starting off the week on a smooth, funky note. I dug up some great soul classics and I break down the different instruments to give context to the complexity of yesterday's sound!

-Monday, 09/25/23

Ep 007 - Hip Hop pt. 3
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We close the week out with our final "Hip Hop 50" episode. Featuring a blend of Hip Hop classics, getting you ready for the weekend the right way! 

- Friday, 09/25/23

Ep 006 Hip Hop 50 pt. 2
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Number six! As we take this whole week to honor the ever-growing culture of hip hop. Monday we were in the 2000s, today we are in the 90s. Travel from the east to the west coast and back again as we go on another journey with the Morning Lights mix show!

- Wednesday, 09/20/23

Ep 005 Hip Hop 50 pt. 1
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5th episode, the saga continues! Today I do a set dedicated to 2000s hip hop. As someone born in '92, this playlist encompasses some important times in my life, and development as an artist. Let's start the week off right! 

- Monday 09/18/23

Ep. 004 ft. CODY (Vinyl)
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Let's go! 4th episode, y'all. Its the end of the work week and my friend Cody powers up the turntables and gives us a soulful, zen sendoff into the weekend.

- Friday, 09/15/23

Ep. 003 ft. 5TH ELAMENT
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Number three! 5th Element pulls up on us and sends us off on P-funk vibes. We tap in with our Dayton, OH crowd and highlight the cities influence on hip hop and the funk.

- Wednesday, 09/13/23

Ep 002 ft. SHERAMI
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Ep 001 ft. SHYLAND (Vinyl)
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